Natural Daily Habit Board

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How does it work?

Do you ever feel like you don’t make time to do the one thing that you love everyday? The one thing you want to be better at? In our busy world today, keeping a habit is hard enough. So I wanted to make tracking a habit as easy as possible. Go back to basics. Prioritise you and focus on your habits.

No app is required to be fired up, or mobile phone to distract you from your morning yoga pratice, your reading or your running, whatever your chosen habit may be.

Focus on your personal growth, make time for your habit. Insert a wooden dowel into each day when you complete your habit goal.

After a few days, you will see a solid streak forming and you won’t want to break you winning formula.

If you do miss a day, leave it blank and refocus on the next day. When you see all the dowels starting to build up on the board, it really motivates you to continue practising your habit and keep going.

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The Daily Habit Board –  A Motivational Tracker

Natural Daily Habit Board

Funded in just 5 days on Kickstarter 2019.

Build your passion

Achieve more when you stay consistent. What do you want to track and improve?

  • Yoga
  • Practising meditation
  • Running
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Relaxing
  • Walking
  • Early rising


The simplest, easiest, offline way to track your habits.

The Daily Habit Board helps you to reach your goals and achieve more. A visual reminder, a daily praise for your efforts, use the Daily Habit Board to help track your most important goal.


White Daily Habit Board


 Can you track more than one habit?

Absolutley! Write a list of your daily habits and put a dowel in the board when you have completed all of them. Although, I like how powerful tracking just one habit can be.

Keep things simple.

Natural Daily Habit Board – Quick and easy to install on the wall with two nails…

 Designing the Daily Habit Board

The aim of this product is to make quality, Habit Board, that will never expire. Use it again and again. The board can be used every year, simply remove the dowels and start again. Most calendars last only a year.

This is not like any other calendar. 

Each board is cut precisely on a CNC machine, with fine detail.

White Daily Habit Board




4 reviews for Natural Daily Habit Board

  1. Britney Montgomery

    Amazing!!!!!! Exceeded my expectations. If you are on the fence, trust me and purchase NOW. You won’t regret it. Tackle 2020 resolutions And don’t fall off in March. I know I won’t:) thank you

  2. Anne

    Arrived promptly and is just as beautiful as advertised.

  3. dhcogan

    What can I say… a great idea, beautiful look and design, and it definitely adds something very cool and inspiring to look at on my wall. I’ve always struggled with developing a good habit to pursue a passion of mine, writing. With the help of this board, and the simple satisfaction I get from adding a peg and physically tracking my progress, I hope my habit leads to a life of greater satisfaction and fulfillment!

  4. chimcphee

    Nice quality. Fast shipping.

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